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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Lily, our Bumble Beeson
Lily's first Halloween was a lot of fun! Lily, of course, was our little Bumble Beeson :) She made the cutest bee ever (in my opinion, which I think counts for a lot, hehe). We started the day with some pumpkin carving. Lily enjoyed sticking her hands in the pumpkin and trying to eat the guts. We then tried to go trick or treating at Grammy's, but she was sadly not home... we may try again tomorrow! Finally, we had supper and took Lily for a walk around the neighbourhood. Lily got a nice little haul which she's kindly sharing with us... except for her little pot of Playdoh that someone gave her! She told me that she wants me to keep it safe for her until she's old enough not to eat it. :)

Digging in a pumpkin
Ready to trick or treat with Daddy!

Can we go now, Mommy?

MINE! :)

This week has been pretty eventful! First of all, with Halloween approaching, we went to a number of Halloween playdates. I used every opportunity I could to have her wear her costume... after all, it won't fit her next year! Also, developmentally, Lily started to do a lot this week! She's starting to be more mobile and can push herself around backwards (although she's trying to move forward). She also has started waving (which she did while we walked through the neighbourhood over my shoulder, as well as at herself in the mirror on her way to bed. Too cute!). She will also dance when we ask her to when we play the singing gorilla Mike gave me for Valentine's Day. It's amazing what she's learned to do this week!

It looks like Lily might sprout yet another tooth soon! The top left tooth is slowly moving closer and closer to the edge of her gums, and she is a drool factory lately. I'm not sure when, but I'd be willing to guess sometime this month!

I can't believe it's almost November...

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  1. That's quite that haul for a little Bee! Too cute!