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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Few Cute Lilyisms

A quick post to capture some of Lily's cute mispronunciations. Real word followed by Lily's word!

Telephone: Hello-phone
Lucky (the cat): Yucky
Lie down: Yie down
Cat treats: Cateats
Ice cream: Ice + (hard g sound)
Snack: A sacky!
Mickey Mouse: Meekos

Friday, September 23, 2011

"A Poop!"

You're thinking Lily took a poop in the potty today, aren't you? Nope, you're wrong. It's funnier. And cuter.

Today, Lily and I were feeding the dog some treats (which Lily absolutely adores doing), when SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless. No need to name names.) let out a fart, loud enough to be heard. Lily got very excited and pointed at this someone's behind and kept saying, "A poop! A poop! A poop!" I couldn't help but burst into laughter! I had to explain to her that someone had just farted. No poops.

Ah, the humour based on a 20 month old's expressions! She's even got me blogging about SOMEONE's fart!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple Picking

This past weekend was a busy one! Fun, but busy. Lots of family time banked, which I think makes for a pretty awesome weekend.

On Saturday, it started out with Lily's gymnastics class. She absolutely adores it! She is definitely the smallest one there, and she still doesn't know how to jump (although she did jump twice this past Saturday! Yay!), but she is an excellent listener, and is definitely enthusiastic about all the activities. Her favourites are hanging from rings, and running across the tumble track (even though she is supposed to stop at different points and practice her jumps. She prefers tearing down it as fast as she can!). And of course, she loves that she gets a stamp on her foot at the end of the class.

After gymnastics, we had a great potty moment gone bad. Lily told Mike that she had to go pee pee, so he took her into the bathroom at gymnastics to go. He took off her diaper, and it was full, so he figured she had already gone. Wrong! As he was changing her, she proceeded to pee all over her clothes. Lesson learned - even though there are more false alarms than not, always sit Lily on the potty when she claims "pee pee"!

After her nap, we went apple picking at the local apple orchard. Lily loved that she could pull apples right off the trees (though she also loved picking up apples off of the ground and trying to put them in the bags). She spent the time saying "Pick apples! Pick apples!" I think she enjoyed herself.

On Sunday was Lily's swimming lesson, which Mike took her into the water for. Lily loves her swimming lessons, and jumped into the water by herself. Her cousins, Kyle and Emily, have swimming lessons right after her, and she just loves that she gets to see them every Sunday, as well as Aunt Julie and Uncle Scot! Sunday just might be her favourite day of the week.

Sunday night, some friends came over for supper, and I made my first ever homemade apple pie, complete with homemade crust! It turned out delicious! The crust was flaky and the apples were firm and tasty, not mushy.

All in all, great weekend!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A "Love You Forever" Moment

Before I go to bed, I usually sneak into Lily's bedroom to cover her with her blanket (she rolls a lot and always seems to sleep on top of her blankets instead of underneath them) as well as to find runaway soothers and place them strategically in her crib in hopes that she will find them herself.

Last night didn't go quite as planned. I snuck in, but saw that she was not only on top of her blanket as usual, but hugging it. It would be impossible to remove from her grasp without waking her. So as I was getting another blanket to put on top of her and her current blanket, she woke up. She sat right up, and quietly said "Up." Who could refuse such a sweet request?

So I did. I picked her up, and we cuddled in the rocking chair. I rocked her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while I rocked her, I whispered in her ear, "I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." And wouldn't you know it, she pushed up, looked at me, and silently nodded her little head.

Moments like these make me so happy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toy Testing

Since about February or March, we have been toy testing through The Noise on Toys, and it's pretty great! It's a free program where you choose toys you think your child would be interested in, go and pick them up, and just play with them! Of course, there's a small catch, you have to write about 3 journals per toy, and rate them in the end. But it takes up so little of your time, and the benefits are wonderful!

Benefits, you ask? Anyone with a child can attest to the fact that, especially at this age, toys lose their excitement factor after about a month. That's if you're lucky. The toy testing period is 6 weeks, so just when your child is losing interest in the toy, it's time to bring them back and pick up new ones! And since it's free, it's a great way to rotate toys in your home for a good price (i.e. $0)

We've tested a lot of toys, from a ball popper, books, flash cards, Weebles, and a Sesame Street playset, to the newest toys we picked up yesterday: A Dora play kitchen (this is so cool, and Lily loves it, too!), a Thomas the Train set (Lily didn't discover this one this morning, so I don't know how she'll like it... but she liked the box!), a play and learn Puppy (I see this getting a high parent's annoyance score, but Lily seems to like it), and a Little People Animal Sounds zoo (big hit so far!).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School...

Yup, as of yesterday, I am officially back at school. I am a Ph.D. candidate! Hmm, sounds daunting.

So far, so good. I've had one class yesterday (stats), and will have one today (child development). I'm enjoying it! That being said, it's been 1 day. haha I'm also TAing a course, which is also pretty good so far!

In other news, Lily has entered a not-so-fun stage for daycare drop offs. Instead of her usual, happy, busy self, she is clingy, and does NOT want Mommy to leave. She loudly lets everyone know! I know she only really cries for a couple of minutes when I leave, and it's nice to know she misses me, or at least wants me to stay and play with her and her friends, but it makes it hard to leave when the last vision/memory you have of your child is a writhing, screaming, sad little girl! This too shall pass, I suppose.

She's also a lot of fun lately! She loves art, colouring, and giving treats to the cats and dog. All day she asks "Cat teats? Cat teats? Dog teats?". We tell her after supper. These days, she doesn't even eat dessert, as when she's done her meal, she excitedly asks, "Cat teats??? Dog teats???". A great memory, she has!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hip Update

Well, I'm sure no one reads this anymore, but I should probably start to blog again!

Yesterday was Lily's appointment at CHEO to have her hips checked and x-rayed. The last time we went was in December, when she was switched from the Pavlik Harness to the Rhino Cruiser Brace. Basically, the look for hip angles under 20. In December, Lily's hips were 26(R) and 25(L). Yesterday we saw great improvement! They were 23.5(R) and 20.5(L). Her left hip is now almost perfect! Great news. We are to go back in 6-9 months for another checkup and x-ray, and continue treatment until then as we've been doing: the Rhino Cruiser brace at naps and night time. It was what I was expecting, and I'm very happy with the results!