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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Last night we had our first real dump of snow of the season. Personally, I'm not a fan of winter or snow, but I've decided it's not fair to Lily to let that rub off on her (hehe!). Today, I got her all bundled up in her snowsuit for some fun in the snow!

First of all, it takes longer to bundle up a baby in a snowsuit than you actually spend outside playing in it! With boots, snowpants, mittens, a sweater, jacket and toque, not to mention a squirmy baby getting increasingly angrier with you for restraining her and dressing her up, it's a real work out! Then, sitting said baby down while you get your own boots, jacket, hat and mittens on (without her toppling over in all the extra layers) is another challenge. Grabbing the video camera and camera and getting out the door is issue 3.

Once we were outside, Lily loved it! I sat her in the snow and showed her you can throw it up in the air, cover your legs and move it around. She giggled and put her mittened hands in it a bit, too. Then we walked around the backyard and I even helped her make a snow angel! We were outside for maybe 10 minutes, then it was time to go back inside and TAKE OFF all the winter gear. Phew!

Here are some pictures of our adventures of the day!

Waiting for Mommy to get ready

Fun in the snow

Just sitting around

I'm not so sure about this covering business, Mommy

My first snow angel!

And a video too, why not :)