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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toy Testing

Since about February or March, we have been toy testing through The Noise on Toys, and it's pretty great! It's a free program where you choose toys you think your child would be interested in, go and pick them up, and just play with them! Of course, there's a small catch, you have to write about 3 journals per toy, and rate them in the end. But it takes up so little of your time, and the benefits are wonderful!

Benefits, you ask? Anyone with a child can attest to the fact that, especially at this age, toys lose their excitement factor after about a month. That's if you're lucky. The toy testing period is 6 weeks, so just when your child is losing interest in the toy, it's time to bring them back and pick up new ones! And since it's free, it's a great way to rotate toys in your home for a good price (i.e. $0)

We've tested a lot of toys, from a ball popper, books, flash cards, Weebles, and a Sesame Street playset, to the newest toys we picked up yesterday: A Dora play kitchen (this is so cool, and Lily loves it, too!), a Thomas the Train set (Lily didn't discover this one this morning, so I don't know how she'll like it... but she liked the box!), a play and learn Puppy (I see this getting a high parent's annoyance score, but Lily seems to like it), and a Little People Animal Sounds zoo (big hit so far!).


  1. Austin happily volunteers to test the Thomas set for you! He adores "choo choos!"

  2. He's welcome to come over anytime to play with it! :) Lily likes it, too!