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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hip Update

Well, I'm sure no one reads this anymore, but I should probably start to blog again!

Yesterday was Lily's appointment at CHEO to have her hips checked and x-rayed. The last time we went was in December, when she was switched from the Pavlik Harness to the Rhino Cruiser Brace. Basically, the look for hip angles under 20. In December, Lily's hips were 26(R) and 25(L). Yesterday we saw great improvement! They were 23.5(R) and 20.5(L). Her left hip is now almost perfect! Great news. We are to go back in 6-9 months for another checkup and x-ray, and continue treatment until then as we've been doing: the Rhino Cruiser brace at naps and night time. It was what I was expecting, and I'm very happy with the results!

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