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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School...

Yup, as of yesterday, I am officially back at school. I am a Ph.D. candidate! Hmm, sounds daunting.

So far, so good. I've had one class yesterday (stats), and will have one today (child development). I'm enjoying it! That being said, it's been 1 day. haha I'm also TAing a course, which is also pretty good so far!

In other news, Lily has entered a not-so-fun stage for daycare drop offs. Instead of her usual, happy, busy self, she is clingy, and does NOT want Mommy to leave. She loudly lets everyone know! I know she only really cries for a couple of minutes when I leave, and it's nice to know she misses me, or at least wants me to stay and play with her and her friends, but it makes it hard to leave when the last vision/memory you have of your child is a writhing, screaming, sad little girl! This too shall pass, I suppose.

She's also a lot of fun lately! She loves art, colouring, and giving treats to the cats and dog. All day she asks "Cat teats? Cat teats? Dog teats?". We tell her after supper. These days, she doesn't even eat dessert, as when she's done her meal, she excitedly asks, "Cat teats??? Dog teats???". A great memory, she has!

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