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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've noticed no one comments on my posts, though some people have said they tried and it didn't work. I've updated the settings so that anyone can now post comments on the blog (before it was members only), so please go ahead and post comments if you'd like! :)


  1. let me know if that works for you. I've changed the setting on mine more times than I can count but it still won't let people comment unless they have an account :(

  2. I'm enjoying hearing about Lily's adventures. I feel very similarly to you about daycare; having someone care for Laura will be hard, but I know I am doing the best for her in going back to work. I have an appointment tomorrow close to our new house, so that should work out well. I hope you and Lily have a great day!
    - Julie

  3. Abbi, look like it worked! :)
    Thanks, Julie! I hope you find somewhere you're comfortable with!

  4. I enjoy checking in on your blog Christina! Definitely the cutest bee I've seen :)