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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bad Start Turned Good!

Last night was pretty bad. Lily is going through a phase where she likes to wake up a few times and cry for her soother. However, it seems she's also at an age where she's starting to realize she can play us! Example: Lily woke up at 11pm, 12am, and fussed for a bit, but put herself back to sleep. Then she woke up at 3am. She fussed, then started crying. 2 cries followed by some yelling... 2 cries followed by some yelling. We could tell she just wanted her soother, but we don't want to start that trend of soother fetching again. So I suggested to Mike that he go in and tell her it's time to sleep. So, he did. He opened her door and *ta-da!* she stopped crying immediately! He touched her forehead, told her it was time to sleep, and left... she wailed for about a minute... and slept the rest of the night. I'm serious. How easy was that?!

Since she had disrupted sleep last night, I was sure today would be a nightmare, especially considering she's been a little fussy lately. But she was so happy all day, even at bedtime!

Also, today it seems like Lily is getting a little closer to being mobile! I never thought she'd be able to sit in her harness, and she does. Really well. I especially never thought she'd crawl in her harness, and she hasn't yet, but I'm starting to wonder if she will! Today, she was sitting on the floor, playing with toys, when she fell forward onto her hands. She does this often, but until today she would just put her face into the floor mat and "give up". Today, she stayed on all 4s and started rocking like she wanted to take off and crawl! As I held my breath and watched, she didn't take off, but instead of faceplanting, she pushed herself back up to a sitting position. My determined, smart Little Bean!

I bought Beauty and the Beast today, one of my favourite Disney movies as a child. We're collecting as many Disney movies as possible to share with Lily when she's older. I love Disney!

Picture of the day: Lily's teeth coming in. You can see them from the top, but not the front yet!

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