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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today was a great day! Busy, yet fun. Today Mike and I watched our favourite Godson, Austin, for the day. I never realized just how busy a 15 month old can be, but Austin sure didn't leave room for doubt! :) One thing is for certain, there's a reason why Mother Nature doesn't let you have 2 kids with this age difference (7 months)... chasing after one while making sure the other doesn't faceplant on her toys is exhausting! lol

It really was a fun day, though. Lily loves spending time with other children, so she had a lot of fun with Austin! Between naps, of course. Austin gave the stamp of approval on all of Lily's toys, then we had lunch, then we went for a walk where Austin fell asleep in the stroller. Lily had a nap when we got home, and we had a nice little break :) When Austin woke up, we proceeded to follow him around and around the house. Lots of fun!

In other news, I've enrolled Lily in a daycare. Now I can pretend it will never happen until January creeps up! Well really, December, as we'll start integration at that time (I'll bring her in and stay with her so she gets used to the atmosphere). It's great because Lily will know a few of the children there... at least 2 until March, when a third will join. Anyway, this isn't pretending it won't happen, is it? Next topic!

Yesterday, Lily rolled from back to front for the first time! At almost 9 months old, talk about delayed! However, she's doing great all around. That harness will be gone before we know it, and she'll be much better off.

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