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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Sense of Humor is Important

Today started out not-so-great. Lily was in a mood for sure! She spent the morning fussing and all-out crying until I discovered that her teeth are still bothering her. I (wrongly) thought that once the teeth cut, the pain stops! I guess not :( After she chomped on my finger for a while, she felt better... hello, soother! I think we're building a bad habit here but for now, it works!

Anyway, as the day went on, Lily felt much better. After lunch we drove to the mall and walked around for an hour since it was rainy out and we couldn't walk outside. Of course, we did a bit of shopping as well! Lily convinced me to buy a new bathing suit for her (we bought one about a month ago that was size 6-12 months... well, it fits her perfectly now at 8 months, so I knew by the end of her swimming lessons it would be too small! I got one that's size 18 months... yikes! Tall girl!). I also bought her a new toque and thumbless mittens (as much as I'd like to deny it, winter will come...) and my favourite purchase... this fancy grey jacket for next winter! I saw it at the Children's Place when it first came out about a month ago, but at $50, it was way too expensive. I got it for $16 today... well worth it! :)

The cable guy came today because our cable has been out for 2 days. We found out that the cable was just unplugged in the basement... likely the stupid dog hit it or something! Anyway, I felt ridiculous that he came over just for something silly like that. At least the cable was back for Hell's Kitchen tonight!

Now for the title of my post... a couple of fun movies to share! Lily teaches us that it's never too early to learn to laugh at yourself!

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