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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catch Up

Oops, seems like I've fallen behind in my blogs! Here are some updates of what's going on with the Beesons:

We have got one determined little girl on our hands. Lily is so close to crawling, she is very good at going forward a few inches if there is something she wants that is just out of reach. If it's any further from her, however, she just ends up going backwards, and her object of desire just goes further and further... and we eventually get a frustrated Little Bean! But it's amazing watching her learn, especially in her harness. She gets on her hands and knees, rocks for a while, then sticks out her left leg and pushes off with her foot. She hasn't discovered she can do the same with her right foot yet, but once she does, I will be proud to say I have a clever little girl who has learned to crawl in her harness! Pavlik Harness, you can't stop Lily!

Tooth #3 looks like it may soon make an appearance, today I was able to see the white of the little points under the gums. I know better than to make bets as to when it will come, but I think by the end of November it may cut, if not sooner.

Growling has made a reappearance in this house. Lily makes the most ridiculous monster/growling sounds, it always makes me laugh! She even babbles in her monster voice sometimes! I'll upload a video later, it's on my phone and I need to transfer it to my computer.

Mike is enjoying his work, as usual. He's looking forward to the Christmas holidays because he should be getting time off. He's looking foward to spending more time with Lily!

I just bought the Wii Fit Plus and am having lots of fun playing it! Not only is it fun, but it gets me up off of the couch as well :) I did a 40 minute workout on it yesterday, and now I'm a little sore. Today I was only able to get 25 mins in before Lily woke up. As someone who is competitive, it's fun trying to beat my own scores.

I'm not looking foward to going back to work in less than 2 months, but at the same time it will be nice to see my coworkers. I hope Lily reacts well to daycare. I'm sure she will, but until you're there, you always worry.

I've already started my Christmas shopping... this has never happened before! When I was in university, I often only started after my exams were done, meaning at least December 15th! This year, it's fun to shop for Lily's first Christmas!

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  1. Go Lily! What an amazing and determined little girl. As soon as that harnes comes off, she'll be everywhere. She's unstoppable!