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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5K Training - Week 5, Run 3

Today was my first uninterrupted run of my training. For the first time, there was no walking other than warm up and cool down. I knew it was coming, and I was a bit nervous! Up until now, my longest run was 8 minutes long, and that was only 2 days ago.

Today's run consisted of a 5 minute warm up walk, then 20 minutes of straight running, followed by the 5 minute cool down walk. TWENTY minutes! And I did it! And it was EASY for me! And yes, I enjoyed it :)

As usual, I concentrated on my breathing, and once again, when the run was over, I wasn't out of breath at all. It was my legs that were screaming by the end, and my lower back was a bit stiff while running, but is fine now. I really prefer an uninterrupted run to the ones I've done in the past. I find the stopping and starting to be difficult, since I am considerably more tired each subsequent run. However, in my mind, I knew my run today would be long, and I was prepared.

In my 20 minute run, I ran 3.03 km!

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