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Thursday, August 16, 2012

5K Training - Week 7, Run 3

So I've been on a short hiatus it seems. But it's only been a week since I've blogged. Not a year. So I'm good :)

On Tuesday I finally went for my last run of Week 7. After many evenings with pouring rain and/or thunderstorms, I didn't get out for my usual runs. I was a bit worried that having been so long between runs, I'd have trouble with my run (it's been awhile, so as a reminder, it was a 5 minute warm-up walk, 25 minute run, and 5 minute cool-down walk). But I'm pleased to announce that it went pretty well! I decided to go for a music-free run, and it went well. I think I run better with no music for some reason. I'm weird like that!

This run I was able to keep the same pace even though it had been close to a week since my last run... I ran 3.73 km in 25 minutes! I was definitely looking forward for my phone to announce that I could stop running for the last 5 minutes of my run! I'm starting to think that running the 5K in 30 minutes this year might not be attainable, but I'm sure going to keep trying.

My only complaint about my running is the back pain I mentioned in one of my earlier run posts. But my complaint has changed a bit... If I DON'T go for a run in awhile, my tailbone is in excruciating pain all. the. time. But if I go for a run, it seems to keep it more in check, and while it is still a bit painful, it is nowhere near as bad as when I don't run. I guess I'm doomed to stay a runner ;)


  1. Yay for runners!! We should start a Runners For Life Club. Cuz we're awesome like that.