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Friday, August 10, 2012

5K Training - Week 7, Run 2

Wednesday marked the second run of week 7. So close to being done my training, I can taste it! :P I'm pleased to say that this run was easier than my last one. It was less humid, and I was able to just focus on the running and breathing so much more without negative distractions from myself. This time, I decided to use an iPhone app my aunt Monique told me about (thanks, Aunt Monique!) called TuneIn to listen to the radio. Newer songs! Still out loud, though.

This run was slightly faster than my last two! I was able to run 3.75km in 25 minutes. Not bad, but not quite where I want to be, either!

What I may try for my next run is back to old school. By that I mean I was originally running with no music, so I'm going to give that a try and see if it helps my time or concentration. I'll let you know if it helps or hinders my time!

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