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Saturday, August 4, 2012

5K Training - Week 6, Run 3

Phew! Last run (which I did a few days ago now, on Wednesday) was a 25 minute straight run (sandwiched between a 5 minute warm-up walk and a 5 minute cool-down walk). However, I maintain my position of before: One long run is easier than multiple shorter runs! Not having to gear down and gear up again really makes a difference for me. I'm able to just concentrate on my breathing and just keep going.

Once again, I decided to play my music out loud for the enjoyment of everyone. This time, it was easier for me to both focus on my breathing and listen to my music, although I still want headphones and I still want new music on there! :) Maybe I'll take a trip to Place d'Orleans with my gift card I got for Christmas (yes, I still have it!) and get myself a few running essentials. I still need new shoes, which I definitely want before my race!

So the run itself was slower than I had hoped, but I still feel like I did a good job. I ran 3.73 km in 25 minutes. I really hope that I can pick up the pace somewhat so that I can run the 5K in about 30 minutes on race day! A totally achievable goal, I think! I'm hoping that the day of the Army Run will be less hot and humid than my training conditions have been. :)

I haven't taken a post-run picture in awhile. I'm glowing! Nah, it's just sweat ;)

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  1. I have a free pay before race day and am anxiously awaiting it so that I can get myself some pretty new running shoes!! (also hoping for walking shoes, one day .. one goal at a time lol!)
    happy shopping!!