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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old Toys

Growing up, my favourite toys of all time were my Puppy and Kitty in My Pockets. The adventures those cute animals went through were plentiful, outrageous, and most of all, fun. As you can imagine, I never wanted to part with those toys, and to this day, I haven't.

They have been neglected for a long time, though. You know those boxes you have packed away in your closet, or storage? The ones that travel with you as you move from house to house? The ones that you're relieved to see when packing for moving (the work is done! Sweet!), and the ones that never get unpacked? I know you know. We all have at least 1 of those!

Anyway, these old toys have been in one of those boxes since I moved from the house I grew up in, in 2005. Mike was finally catching up on our around-the-house jobs and came across this box. Instead of packing it back up, he decided to put it into Lily's toy rotation. Best idea yet!

Lily absolutely loves my old, beloved puppies and kitties! The past 2 days she has been playing with them, discovering all the animals, and she has even given them a few new adventures of her own! I'm really happy that a toy that used to bring me so much joy and that still brings back a lot of fun memories has found its way into my daughter's heart as well.
Getting into the fun (and there is a lot of fun to get into!)
She loves it!


  1. Oh my gosh, seeing all of them set up like that really brings back so many great memories. It's so sweet to see lily playing with them!! :) awww!

  2. So cute! I loved all the little miniature things when I was little. :)