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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5K Training - Week 1, Run 3 (Afternoon Run!)

Today marked the last run of my first week of training. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it means I've successfully completed one week of training, and I only have 8 left to go before I should be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping! On the other hand, it means my easy, safe week of 5 minutes warm-up, followed by alternating 1 minute running, 1 1/2 minutes of walking 8 times, then a 5 minute cool-down, is over. Running as I know it is done. Runs are only going to get harder from here on in!

BUT let's focus on today. One day at a time. One run at a time. One step at a time. I can do that. Anyone can do that.

Today's run, as I mentioned, was the same as the last two runs workout-wise. Today I was feeling adventurous, and I went for my run at 12:50 or so! There was a nice cool breeze outside (before I started running, it was a cold breeze! This became more inviting after I started running!), plus I just want to be lazy and watch Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef tonight at my usual run time. So there, running!

Once again, I started out strong, trying to keep a good pace and working on my breathing, keeping it controlled and concentrating on that. I felt like the first runs were harder than the last times, but to make up for it, the last runs were much easier! I felt like I ran the last ones faster than before, but more importantly that I could keep going after the 1 minute. That helps me realize I can totally do what's scheduled for next week.

After my 8th run, during my cool-down, I was totally thinking, "I hate this running business! I don't enjoy this at all." However, once I had been walking for a couple of minutes and had caught my breath, I realized that I feel pretty good. I'm not overly tired while running, I feel like I have more energy during the day, and I'm not nearly as sore as I thought I would be.

Running isn't supposed to be easy. I'm used to things being easy for me, but running is definitely a challenge! With Week 1 done, I have no choice but to keep pushing on. You know what? Running WILL become easy for me. I CAN do this. Hell, I AM doing this!

Me after Week 1, Run 3. Happy Garbage Day!
These pictures don't do my red face any justice. I'm as red as a tomato after these runs, really! Got to love crappy iPhone cameras!


  1. Yay for week one being done!! Good for you! :)

  2. Well done! Almost inspires me to join you! Almost. ;-)

    1. Hmm... guess I'll have to become more motivating ;)

  3. Looks like you didn't even break a sweat!! lol

    1. Haha the wonder of the iPhone camera! :)