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Sunday, June 24, 2012

5K Training - Week 1, Run 2 (Train in the Rain)

Today was my scheduled second run for my 5K training. I admit, I was a little bit less gung-ho about this run today than I was on Friday for my first run. Yesterday, my quads were sore. They weren't terribly sore, but sore enough to feel it as I go down stairs or lower myself to a sitting position. So today, not only was I still sore, but I knew what was in store for my poor legs tomorrow!

I could have easily come up with excuses to not go today, the main one being that it was sprinkling outside. But I've committed to doing this run, and I am going to make sure I'm prepared for it so I can do the best I can do right now! Plus, I know the exercise is good for me, and I'm hoping it will give me the added bonus of losing a little extra weight and maybe even finally toning these thighs! They're overdue for that! :P

So, a little rain didn't stop me. I got my iPhone ready and was off just before 8pm! (I'm totally not a morning person. Evening runs are perfect for me!) Today's run was the same as the first run - 28 1/2 minutes total of exercise, with a 5 minute warm-up followed by 1 minute of running, 1 1/2 minutes of walking, 8 times, then a 5 minute cool-down.

I pushed myself a little harder this time, and tried to run a little faster to challenge myself. I don't know if it was because my legs were already sore, but the runs were definitely more tiring this time, but again, not unbearably so. I worked on my breathing during the runs, and walking more briskly between runs. In doing so, I managed to improve my time by about 2 minutes this time! Last time, the 28 1/2 minutes were up and I was about 2 minutes away from home. This time, I made it home before the 28 1/2 minutes were up! The last of my 8 runs was definitely slow, but I'm pretty happy with the overall improvement. Not bad!

So again, I know I can do this! I just have to stick to the training, which I plan on doing.

Me after Week 1, Run 2. I look more tired this time :P

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  1. You look great!! You can definitely do this! :)