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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

29 months old

Dear Lily,

As of June 25, you are now 29 months old, one month shy of being 2 1/2! You are a wonderful daughter, a beautiful child, a smart kid. You are outgoing, strong, and sweet; you are opinionated, fiesty, and gentle. You are a born leader.

The Princess and the Frog @ 29 months
You have an unmatched love of insects and animals, always pausing to look for ants, green beetles, dragonflies, earwigs (to my horror!), and especially butterflies. You LOVE butterflies. You also love flowers, and would love it if you could pick flowers all day. You love to buy me flowers at the grocery store with Daddy. You love our pets, but especially Lucky. He's become your much-loved playmate at home.

You love the colour purple, all things Disney Princess (and especially Snow White!), your Teddy bear, watching movies, playing at the park, singing songs as well as making up songs, doing crafts (especially gluing crafts), helping me make dinner, and digging in sand. You're not a big fan of soccer, but you love gymnastics and swimming. You love your big cousins.

You are a great eater, and you like most foods. When you're unsure about a new food, I often remind you about Green Eggs and Ham, and you are always willing to take one bite. Sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't. But you are so good at trying new things. You especially like chocolate and ice cream, and your favourite non-treat food is pasta. You oddly do not like pizza very much.

As of this month, you are now potty trained, except for naps and overnight, though naps are soon to follow. You will be starting the preschool program at your daycare next week, the littlest preschooler there! You love playing with the bigger kids, but you haven't yet shown too much interest in babies. You love your friends at daycare, and would love for your best friend to join you for all activities we do at home.

This month you are also very particular, needing things to be done your own way, and getting angry when they are not. You are also becoming so independent, and are able to dress yourself with little-to-no help.

You are so smart. You know your letters, numbers up to 10, and are learning to count to 10 in French. You just need help with 6 and 10 in French! You pronounce "quatre" as "cat-le", which always makes me smile. You know your colours, speak in full sentences, and have full conversations with people. You are a problem solver, and are witty. You've changed the words to "Yellow Submarine", replacing all yellows with purples to reflect your preferences!

I love you more and more each day.



  1. wow, great piece Christina. I feel I know Lily a lot more Seriously, very nice. Hope she gets to read this when she's older...

    1. Thanks, Steph! That's the plan, I just wish I'd done this before so I could put them all together!

  2. I love when they start making up songs! Little J is quite fond of switching up what Old MacDonald has on his farm and the sounds for things like a chair and a train and his sister.

    1. Too cute! I love it when they use their creativity like that! :D Little J is so cute!