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Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Yeah, I knew it would happen... So, it's been a couple of months, how are my few but faithful readers doing?? :) So what's new since last time I wrote? Well, Lily is out of her Pavlik harness... our appointment was December 21, and we were given the go-ahead to move on to the next brace... the "Rhino Cruiser Brace", which is for naps and night time only. It was a fantastic day when we found out, such a wonderful early Christmas present. Since then, she has become a speedy crawler, pulls up to standing at every opportunity, stands on her own and will walk behind her push toy. No steps on her own yet! But for being out for 2 months, she's doing great.

January 4 was my return back to work. Lily loves her daycare, so it has made the return so easy for me. I'm thankful for that. She's such a happy girl that I'm not surprised, but she has done much better than I anticipated! I thought there would be some clinginess on leaving, but she's great. She loves to wave "bye-bye" to me when I go!

January 25 was her first birthday! On the actual day itself, we just bought some store-made cupcakes and let her have some. She made a mess, and wasn't sure what to do with it at first! But once she realized it was yummy, she had no problem eating it! Then on the 29th we had her family birthday party. She had a great time! Her Nana even came from Saskatoon to be there for her birthday. This time, Lily knew exactly what to do with the cake! I made a bear-shaped chocolate chocolate chip zucchini cake (why not sneak extra veggies in?).

Lily loves talking (she can say quite a few words, like cat, turtle, potato, frog, and more... and she also can mimic words on occasion when we ask her to say somethig. Only when she wants to!), reading and playing, and loves to be picked up all the time. She especially knows when Mommy and Daddy are busy (making dinner, cleaning bottles, etc.) and can't pick her up right away. That's the exact moment she chooses to want to be picked up! She's quite a character, and is such a joy every day.

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